Friday, September 26, 2014

My Favourite Sketching Materials

As an artist you tend to become quite attached to certain tools of the trade.  Kind of like how a carpenter might have a favourite hammer or other tool. I have gotten quite attached to certain sketching tools and I wouldn’t want to be caught without them. I’ve made a list below with their corresponding number in the image. These art supplies won’t be new to old drawing vets, but they just might help any newcomers to the sketching world! :)

1. (I like the Windsor and Newton Mini Watercolour set)
2. Eraser Stick (great for erasing finer details. I like the “Tuff Stuff” Eraser Stick)
3. Pencil Crayon (I use the "Prismacolor® Col-Erase" pencil crayon as it allows me to easily erase my initial sketch unlike wax pencil crayons which are almost impossible to erase.)
4. Mechanical Pencil (I like the Staedtler Mars Micro with the thicker ,09 leads)
5. Drafting Pencil (I use the Staedtler Mars 780. I also use a blue non-repro lead if I don’t want my sketches to show up when scanned)
6. Nylon Eraser (I like the "Pentel Polymer Eraser")
7. Steel Pencil Sharpener (I like “LUS" italian pencil sharpener as they seem to stay sharp longer)
8. Good Quality Sketchbook (I used to buy the Bateman sketchbooks (shown). The paper was really nice but the coils were made of really cheap plastic so they fell apart quickly. I now use a “Pentalic" wirebound sketchbook with 70lb. paper. It’s practically indestructible!)
9. Standard Wooden Pencil (not pictured) - I use the Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil with an HB Lead. this is my all-time favourite pencil. It’s durable, has a really smooth lead for drawing and the leads don’t tend to break when sharpened) 

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