Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moose Toques Book Launch

Photos of our Book Party. What a fun day it was. Thank You to all who helped make our Moose Toques book launch a huge success!

Special Thanks to the following People: Brian Tingley (Audio/Visual), Amanda Millman, (Cakes, Mother May I?), Shannon Hitchcock (Book Sales), Brandon (Book Sales), Cody McLean (Photography), Sheila McLean (Food Prep.) Books available at: www.hitchcockmclean.com

Was super fun being able to illustrate this poster for the party. Originally I had outlined all of the characters in black lines, but I didn’t like the harsh results so at the last minute I decided to lose the black lines and went for a more painterly look. I almost didn’t have time to finish it but I am really happy how it turned out.

Shane Hitchcock and Lorne McLean signing books

Book Reading by Author Shane Hitchcock

Drawing Demonstration by Illustrator Lorne McLean

Books available at: www.hitchcockmclean.com

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